Leadership Case Study: Lenore

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No deficiencies noted.

Leadership: Lenore continues to gain the respect of others through her own actions and attitude by performing the assigned task, prior to training her employees.

Problem Solving/Judgment: Lenore recognizes issues that should be brought to the attention of management. She continues to assess unresolved issues prior to making a decision.

Initiative: Lenore suggests creative approaches to resolving obstacles within the unit.

Liaison: Lenore continues to share relevant information to accomplish all assigned tasks within the unit. She continues to promote and encourage a two-way communication between herself and employees of the unit.

Flexibility/Adaptability: Lenore continues to adjust her priorities to ensure
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No deficiencies noted.

Communication: Lenore continues to conduct herself in a manner consistent with the DPS Courtesy policy 05.17.00 and the Professional Conduct policy - Ten General Orders 06.10.00. She continues to share relevant information in a timely manner. Lenore continues to communicate verbally and in writing when providing test results for all systems.

Interpersonal Skills: Lenore accepts constructive feedback in a positive and professional manner. She values the different points of view among her peers as well as her employees.

Goals: Lenore will continue to conduct herself in a manner consistent with the DPS Courtesy and Professional Conduct policy. She will actively listen and ask relevant questions to ensure a clear understanding when communicating with her employees and on any delegated tasks assigned to her. Lenore will continue to answer and respond to texts, calls, or email inquiries when off shift to her employees and/or chain of command. She will encourage her employees to share their suggestions and/or views in a positive
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She will continue to maintain accurate leave accruals when logging and calculating time into the CAPPS system. Lenore will utilize quality assurance when creating, amending and/or deleting criminal history record information. She will continue to adhere and abide by the Confidential Information policy as set forth in the department. She will continue to meet with her employees that are not meeting the performance goals on a bi-weekly basis. It is required for Lenore to maintain all records according to the Records Retention policy as set forth by the department. Lenore will adhere and abide by the laws/statutes/regulations and policies as set forth by the Criminal History Record Information Processing (CHRIP) Bureau, General Manual (GM), Crime Records Service (CRS) guidelines and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual. She will continue to update the SOP with any new and/or changing procedures in a efficient and timely manner.

Lenore received certification of completion for the following: CJIS Security Awareness, Records Management, and Security Awareness Training
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