Protuberant Leadership Style

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To begin with, leadership refers to functioning with a diverse individuals in order to execute common things and reach an optimum objective, especially in a realm which is progressively multifaceted and firmly altering. Moreover, leadership is not essentially connected to authority. It is all about assembling individuals to challenge the strongest difficulties and work hard to overcome any obstacles and lead others to pass too. Furthermore, it is entrenched in every human being, however, the principle is to have the ability to reveal our personal desires which in return will bless us with the courage to execute missions that seems tough, indeterminate or/and disliked. (Ross, 2011)
Furthermore, there are numerous theories and styles of leadership that indicates the effectiveness of leaders and how they judge, solve, and evaluate things differently. These styles are including: charismatic, transactional, or transformational. However, the most protuberant leadership styles are Transformational and Transactional leadership principles.
A transformational leader is the individual who tends to transform one's group to accomplish astonishing results. He/she gives full
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Moreover, I have seen my father as my optimum leader, influencer and motivator because without him in my life I would have not reached where I am today, even though I see myself did not reach where I expected to be or the things I set for my life. In addition, leadership does not necessarily be authority, it is the ability to make individuals that one is in charge of move forward through rewarding, punishing, motivating, and guiding them. It also requires patience and humbleness, and it can be seen not only in organizations and business

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