Leadership Development: Assignment 4: Ethical Leader Development

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Week 10 Assignment Leadership Development #4: Ethical Leader Development Three Strategies used to Develop Ethical Leadership Self-Assessment 6: “How Ethical is Your Behavior?” Based on the assessment in chapter 2 Reference How Ethical is Your Behavior? I scored a 90. It was no surprise because I base my personal character and moral compass to always make the truthful decision regardless of the outcome. That to me is very not only as a leader but as a husband, a father, and a grandfather that my ethical integrity always land on the side of truth. Traditional models of ethical decision-making (EDM) are an inadequate framework for understanding how leaders respond to ethical dilemmas under conditions of uncertainty and equivocality. Sensemaking models more accurately illustrate leader EDM and account for individual, social, and environmental constraints. Using the Sensemaking approach as a foundation, previous EDM models are revised and extended to comprise a conceptual model of leader EDM. Moreover, the underlying factors in the model are highlighted—constraints and strategies. Four trainable, compensatory strategies (emotion regulation, self-reflection, forecasting, and information integration) are proposed and described that aid leaders in navigating ethical dilemmas in organizations ( Thiel, Bagdasarov, Hardaker, Johnson, & Mumford, 2012). Personal Characteristics. I must continually check my inner core values to make sure that what I am feeling about me
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