Leadership Essay: Understanding My Strengths And Vulnerabilities

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My strengths and vulnerabilities

In order to understand my strengths and vulnerabilities clearly for a leadership role, I got feedback from three people. One of them is my manager from the previous job, Tolga Yolaçan, while the others my close friends who are Muaz Zaim and Ali Tüzel. The advantage of getting feedback from them is that they know me broadly and they can point out my strengths and vulnerabilities easily. Also, I trust them and believe in they were objective while answering my questions.

According to my previous manager’s definition, leadership is an extent to which a person is capable of meeting his/her team’s expectations and assessing their performance broadly. According to him, a good leader must have a vision and he/she must direct people to reach that place whatever it is. He asserts that no one can be a leader alone so that a leader must know the subordinates’ capacity and by listening and assessing them, he/she must
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According to him, a good leader must be experienced person since he/she must lead people to achieve specific goals. Moreover, he asserts that a good leader must be patient, he/she must listen people and take their advice. According to him, leadership success can be assessed by investigating how much information that the leader can get from the others. He mentioned a good leader must plan schedules well for attainable goals and also must organize people to reach those goals. Also, he said that a good leader must be good at human relations but if it is required, he/she should be able to be autocratic. According to him, a good leader must allocate responsibility in such a way that they should not undertake more than their ability to carry the burden. In his point of view, the responsibility should be allocated according to people’s individual capacity. He asserts that if the leader is able to do that, he can manage to motivate those
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