Leadership Factor Analysis

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Background on Leadership

According to John P. Kotter, “Leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action. Both are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment.” However management is about coping complexity. Its practice and procedures are largely a response to one of the most significant developments of the twentieth century the emergence of large organization.

Over the years, there have been many definitions of leadership. However the definition that provides a broad but brief explanation states that “leadership is a process used by an individual to influence group members toward the achievement of group goals in which the group members view the influence
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However many leaders are held responsible for demonstrating certain behaviours in the leadership effective factors description. At the hospitality industry they tried not to focus only on “what” gets done on time but more “how” it gets done is important because this can lead to poor effective leadership behaviour. There are six key leadership effectiveness factors (LEF) for instance: establish trust and demonstrate integrity, set clear direction, grow relationships, focus on results, cultivate capabilities and promote innovation.

Establish Trust and Demonstrate Integrity- Do what you say you will do and also what you preach must be done as well in the organization because in this way employees, stakeholders and customers will develop a sense of trust in he/she as an effective leader. Also as an effective leader he/she should also speak from evidence and experience that they may have done their research with fellow board-members rather than their opinion about the plan for the goal or
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However communicating is always difficult in a group, but these difficulties can be magnified by factors such as large group sizes, strong personalities or even differences in opinion. Additionally some leaders will tend to find that they have some determined group members who seem to dominate the conversations, or even there are few group members who do not seem to get along and with these issues and communication can often be the key to resolving conflict in an
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