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Leadership is a quality that we all have and can develop over time. No matter who you are, you are most likely going to be put into a position of leadership sometime throughout your life. Being a leader is something that I struggle with at some points. It is a position that I have not been put in too frequently but it is something that can always be worked on. Therefore, leadership means taking control in situation and guiding others to succeed in whatever task is at hand. There are many ways that leadership is advantageous, such as my future employment opportunities and in a family setting, therefore I am focusing on some of the specific qualities that make a great leader. Leadership will be a very important aspect in my future. For example,…show more content…
Although there are thousands of more qualities that make a good leader, these are some that come to mind while thinking about others and how they lead. Showing others you have confidence is very important, it makes you a role model to those around you and once you are confident in one area, it is easier to be applied in other areas of life as well. Passion is another aspect, showing other how much you care about a topic or situation makes you more credible and will positively affect others around you too. Motivation goes along with passion but in a more self-driven sense, which is essential in the workplace. Lastly, patience is another key quality, if you fail once, be patient and get back up and try it again. All of these traits I believe are able to be acquired. It is important to be a well-rounded leader and I believe all of these traits are areas that I should be focused on to positively impact my future. My future holds numerous opportunities for leadership, whether it be in the house, in a workplace, or to strangers, I plan on working on my skills to better my leadership qualities. Some ways to work on being a stronger leader are by watching others lead and taking tips from them and applying it to myself, picking out strengths and weaknesses in my leadership skills and then practicing it in real situations. In college, we are given many opportunities to become successful leaders, by taking these chances we are able to better prepare for situations that may affect us more than here at

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