Leadership In Agamemnon

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FA Illiad A leader can be determined through various reasons, he could either be a leader because of his position, or be deemed as one because of his actions. The problem of the story commenced because of the poor leadership shown by Agamemnon, fortunately, Akhilleus was there to save the day. Voluntariness, sacrifice, and being the bigger person are some of the great characteristics Akhilleus showed throughout the whole story. This proved that he is not only a much greater character than Agamemnon, but this also showed how he became the Superman of their time. Often in stories, heroes are expected to save a damsel in distress, and although this tale does have a lot of them, the plot didn 't revolve around a knight saving his princess to be, but rather it was about a great warrior saving an army from the mistakes of their irresponsible chief. Agamemnon, the head of the Akhaians, is one of the key characters of this book, he was the one who allowed the conflict to evolve to as big as it was, starting with him receiving a prize. As an award for his victory in conquering the lands of the Trojans, Agamemnon received Khryseis as his prize to her dismay. But like all girls, their first super hero would have to be their father, and Khryseis ' was no different. He came to the rescue and with him he brought bountiful gifts and ransoms for the release of his beloved daughter, but amidst all these presents and looming threat given by the desperate father, Agamemnon still refused
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