Leadership In Chicken Run: Character Analysis: Chicken Run

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To be a good leader in a way, you need to know how to influence, motivate and let others to contribute towards the road of success which they are the members in the organisations. There are a lot of elements of leadership which lead the leader to be a good leader. The most common element is motivating others and keep on stimulating the desire and energy into people to continually interest and committed to attain a goal. Different element created different types of leadership which is useful on different environment. One of the leadership style that is very common in Asian country, the “power distance”. They used a hard way to manage the member to obey them.
Summary of Chicken Run
Chicken Run this movie is talking about the chickens
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Chicken Run is a cartoon which I had watched before this assignment. It’s made me more interest to write about this movie and really make me feel like back to my childhood. After this movie, you will believe that everything is possible. There always failures before you success. Besides that, it shown that woman also can be successful.
Through this movie, had showed that a chicken leader who lead all the chicken to escape from the chicken coop. Ginger learnt from every failure, she never give up to escape from the chicken coop. It is because she trusted in the millions of ways; there have one way to success escape with all the chicken. She have organised where their position which good on their strength in order to success escape under her leading.
Ginger is the main character in this movie. A hen that have a strong mindset and willing to bring all the chicken to escape from the
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It shown that not only the boy can do everything or be a leader. In this world there are too many buyers gender which make people feel unfair. The best example that happen in myself. Before I enter this university, I had been Singapore for a short break work. While my major was an event management, so that I really hope that I get a job in the event industry. I had tried interview for few company they only willing to find boy. They think that man can good in planning and logistic but woman only can work on paperwork. In this movie not only show that everything is possible also show that woman power. We are just same as the man, we can do what man

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