Leadership In Christian Leadership

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Christian leadership is about caring for the poor and UN healthy. The following leaders have shown that they have good Christian leadership skills. The first leader that I will be talking about is Mother Mary, also known as Mother Mary of the cross Mackillop, or by her formal name Mary Mackillop. I will then be talking about John Bede Polding and Catherine Mc Aueley and how they showed Christian leadership skills. Mary Mackillop was born on 15 January 1842 in Fitzroy Melbourne. As the eldest of eight children she became the chief provider for the family as she took up positions of governess. She dedicated her life to helping young girls by giving them education and nurturing them. John Bede Polding Arch bishop of Sydney was born on 18 November…show more content…
Together Mary Mackillop and Father Tenison Woods started the ‘Stable School’ in 1866. They also set up houses for elderly women, young girls and women without jobs. They gave their life to people in need often giving comfort to the sick and dying and even visiting people in jail to give them whatever help they could. All of the children had lessons in reading, writing, math and singing. The girls also enjoyed learning to sew whilst the boys enjoyed woodwork. Mary and her sisters also taught the children about God and taught them to trust in Jesus. John Bede Polding inspired me when he went out and gave convicts retreats. Between 1836 and 1841 no less than 7000 convicts made at least ten days' retreat under his guidance. The authorities soon realized the good effect his influence was having, and arranged that, on the arrival of every ship-load of convicts, all the Catholics should be placed at his disposal for some days, during which the bishop and his assistants saw each prisoner personally and did all they could for them before they were drafted off to their various destinations. I believe Catherine Mcauley inspired me the most because she established schools, orphanages and hospitals across the world, feed the poor. She leased large premises in Baggot Street which she established as a school for the education of the poor girls and a home for poor girls and women the principal purpose of this congregation is to educate poor little girls, to lodge and maintain poor young ladies who are in danger. They provided in a proper manner to visit the sick and provide solace to sick and needy families, to train young girls for employment and to instruct poor children. She was often seen walking the streets to serve the sick and the poor, the “walking nuns” inspired many women to dedicate themselves to Christ and to the service of the church, causing the
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