The Role Of Leadership In Government Ministry

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The role of Leadership in government ministries is becoming increasingly important. Leadership is perceived as being, not just about position or title, nor about organizational power or authority but it is considered to be effectively about relationship (Northouse, 2013). Leadership role models how other workers peceive their job environment, and influences their decision to either actively and progressively stay in the job or leave or just become complacent with no drive to satisfy cutomers’ needs or requirements or basically share the visions and values of the organization. Effective leadership is crucial and critical for transititoning the organizational policy into practice, it also stands as a significant aspect in improving the proficiency…show more content…
A general public opinion is that government workers are usually not proficient in effectively carrying out work tasks, it was observed that people have different perceptions bothering on several issues suggesting what the role(s) of leaders are in a non-profit organization, what the motivating factors are, what galvanizes employees’ commitment to productivity, and is there any correlation between increased productivity and staff development, and are both factors determined by the style of leadership practiced, what are the factors mitigating against staff ability to deliver services to quality and time, this study creates an opportunity for the researcher to pose questions that would have been almost impossible to query while working in government…show more content…
1.3.1 Research Objectives

The objectives of this study would be to identify the common leadership style(s) practised in the selected MDAs,
To determine factors affecting staff motivation and development,
To estimate the extent of influence of those factors on productivity
To investigate workers’ perception of their roles and those of their leaders in the organization,
To explore the staff views on how leadership can be improved to aid development,
To develop an explanatory theory that associates increased output to staff development and leadership styles.
For the purpose of this dissertation, these objectives will be imited in scope of the study to a few selected MDAs in Lagos State.

1.4 Research Limiting
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