Leadership In Hacksaw Ridge

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In the film, Hacksaw Ridge a combat medic by the name of Desmond Doss refuses to go into combat without any type of weapon. In the movie, it is pointed out that it is his right not to bear arms, just as much as it is other people’s right to bear arms. Throughout the movie, Private Doss is literally beaten for his beliefs and desire to continue on fighting for what he believes in. The things that Private Doss did and sacrificed for his beliefs saved the lives of more than 50 lives and changed the hearts of even more. The first leadership quality seen in the movie is when Private Doss enlisted in the army. Something that is important in being a leader is finding a way to serve, even when people around are telling you that there is nothing that…show more content…
Private Doss refusing to take a gun into combat was very dauntless. Private Doss was called a conscientious cooperator, meaning that he knew what he was doing, however, he continued to do it because he believed that what he was doing was right. Also, due to his past experiences, refusal of a weapon meant not killing anyone. One thing he said was, “With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together” in which he was talking about how his desire was to save those people fighting for him and even some of the people that were trying to kill him. (Gibson) This leads to another good quality which is desire to want to see change, but not just any change. The change to want make the world better. The change to show a love that does not care where you are from or what your beliefs are. This desire came from his Christian beliefs and devotion. Private Doss brought a new weapon to the table that the enemy had never seen before. That weapon was an unwavering love and desire to truly help those in need, one of the greatest qualities there can be in a leader. “Please Lord. Help me get one more.” (Gibson) A true leader is one that is not selfish and only cares what is good for them. A true leader is one that does whatever it takes. In Hacksaw Ridge, the true story of Private Dessmond Doss saving lives shows just how much a leader does not have to be the one with the highest-ranking badge on his uniform, but just be someone that believes that things can change and doing/sacrificing whatever it takes to make it
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