Leadership In High School

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One of the fundamental problems with the word “leadership” in the world today is that many people want to identify with it, yet few make the necessary sacrifices and commitments that are needed to create change and influence others. Throughout my high school experience, I have made it a goal of mine to use my leadership skills to create change for the better in both my school and community. As a middle schooler and young high schooler, I considered myself a leader and wanted to be involved in as many organizations and activities as possible. I wanted to be a leader, but my motivations were selfish and inconsistent. My definition and idea of leadership at that time revolved around adults and my classmates thinking highly of me. It was not until…show more content…
I have been able to help lead the school’s student council as treasurer, where I manage a multi-thousand dollar annual budget in addition to leading my group of middle school guys. I feel like I SPARKed a fire in myself a few years ago in terms of wanting to be a leader, and as I have developed through these two major passions in my life I feel like I have FORGEd a path for myself in the field of leadership. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and would love to impact society in even greater ways at SMU. I want to get involved with youth in the city of Dallas and the surrounding areas so that I can continue to influence young people to be the best they can be. In addition, I would love to be involved in the Alternative Assets Management program. Although I am unsure which path I am going to take in the business world, I feel that this would be a great opportunity to grow as a businessman and provide leadership to an on campus academic program. My passion and commitment to leadership has been sparked and I have forged my way throughout high school. All there is left to do is CRUSH it, and I am absolutely certain I will do so as an SMU Hunt

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