Leadership In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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In Jack London’s classic book The Call of the Wild, Buck finds out that in the wilderness it is always kill or be killed, Buck is challanged by Animals, Nature, and People. Buck must learn how to defend himself and be a leader as a sled dog will he achieve his goal of being a king again? At the beginning of the book buck realizes he needs to defend himself in order to live because life is “kill or be killed”. Buck learns this because he is beaten, placed at the end of the sled and he is not leader. This was all different at judge Miller's Place he was respected and treated like a king. At first Buck learns he's not king anymore, for example he is beaten by the man in the red sweater. Since he is beaten he is not respected so he is now not king. This is very Different at his old home in Santa Clara Valley he was respected and treated like a king. Now he is learning not everything is perfect. Second he is placed at the last spot on the sled and Spitz is leader. Spitz is the leader and buck isn't leader anymore. Since he wasn't used to it he didn't know what to do. He is used to being the leader and now he isn't Spitz bites him. This indicates he is showing him who's boss and that he is the leader. On his first day at his new home he witnesss a dog get swept off his feet and killed in a matter of 2 seconds and this shows how dangerous it is in the wilderness. Last he is now Respected by some dogs but spitz is still leader For example some of the dogs listen to buck but some dogs don't because they…show more content…
First Spitz is dangerous and he doesn’t like buck. For example Buck and Spitz have fought multiple times but it was interrupted and finally buck is creative and breaks his legs and the other dogs eat him and kill him. Since buck is new to the environment he has a disadvantage against spitz but since he is big strong and creative and smart he beat him with
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