King Leonidas Leadership Theory Essay

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In leadership, there are three main scientific paradigms that lay in a leader; trait, behaviour and contingency which has extended into numerous styles. The scientific paradigm includes autocratic, democratic, participative, directive, task-oriented, relation-oriented, transformational and transactional, charismatic, laissez-faire and servant leadership (Hassan, Asad & Hoshina, 2016, pg. 162). Besides, leadership trait which identifies personality traits, such as introversion, often bring into the cooperation of the leader emergence and effective (Clack 2017, pg. 2). Typically, leadership trait theory is not used alone because the good leadership does not easily arise from inherit genetic traits without taking into consideration and motivation,…show more content…
Task-oriented is defined as to which a leader to determine the role of followers, whereas to focus more on a goal achievement and how good communication creates positive impact among the followers (Tabernero et. Al. 2009, pg. 1394). Back to King Leonidas 's personalities trait, he demonstrates two personality traits which is courage and internal locus control. At the beginning of the film, King Xerxes promised King Leonidas to give him the power and everything he could ever ask for under one condition, that the Spartan armies should kneel and worships him as their king. The Persian King even asked King Leonidas and his armies to back off and eliminate the battle of the war. However, King Leonidas showed off his courage unto the God King that he will not accept any kind of offers, even though that he knew the God King could possibly do anything with his power (see Appendix 1). This shows that King Leonidas is a brave leader. Besides courage, King Leonidas has a strong internal locus control in which he has high responsibility for the state. He knew he was the one who needed to step up and take control everything when the council ordered to not release the Spartan armies (see Appendix
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