Leadership In Law Enforcement Organizations

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All kinds of law enforcement agencies and federal agencies are required to assume leadership positions either within their organizations or their communities. this is because of The citizens expectations that officers are prepared to fulfill these roles effectively. there are many ways these leadership skills can be portrayed. some examples of these would be watch groups in certain areas known to be troublesome, leading meetings and different types of task forces, and finally conducting investigations. According to our textbook organizational Communication deal and Kennedy 's strong cultures “ argue that businesses success can be enhanced through the development of a strong culture”. This is a big part in law enforcement today due to…show more content…
The first component is values and beliefs and visions that the members might hold for an organization, super example the values and beliefs of the FBI are rigorous obedience to the Constitution United States, respect for the Dignity of all those we protect, compassion, fairness, uncompromising personal and institutional integrity, accountability by accepting responsibility for actions and decisions and the consequences of our actions and decisions, leadership both personal and professional, and finally diversity. those core values are what holds the FBI performing excellently and to the best of its abilities. the second component is heroes are the individuals who come to exemplify and organizational values. this wouldn 't mean anyone within the FBI organization could be considered a hero just by showing the organization 's values day in and day out. the third component is rites and rituals which are the ceremonies in which the organization celebrates its values. One of the ways this is done in law enforcement is by awarding medals and hardware for Good Deeds Done such as the Department 's Medal of Honor, Police Service cross, medal of valor, lifesaving medal, campaign medal, Physical Fitness Award,
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