Leadership In Linda Sue Park's Long Walk To Water

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In the book, Long Walk to Water, there are many thematic elements. Although there are many themes in Long Walk to Water, Linda Sue Park definitely made leadership an important one. The way Park expresses leadership through Salva and Uncle Jewiir is quite astonishing. Uncle Jewiir and Salva showed leadership in a multitude of ways throughout the story. For example, Salva lead over 1,000 refugee boys to Kenya and Uncle Jewiir lead an entire group of 100 men and women across the Akobo Desert. Most notably, Salva also encouraged an entire work crew to carry on with their job, completing the construction of the important well Nya’s village needed. This just shows Park’s ability to embody the theme of leadership within her novel.

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With the help of Uncle Jewiir, Salva and many others, crossed the Akobo Desert and sought refuge in the Itang Refugee Camp. Without Uncle Jewiir, Salva wouldn’t be alive. Uncle Jewiir was the chosen leader of the group, and it was a well deserved title. For example, while the group was ready to cross the Nile, Jewiir used his leadership skills and organized groups to create boats out of reeds. Without the help of Uncle Jewiir, the group wouldn’t have crossed the Nile River at all. Uncle Jewiir also showed many acts of leadership even after arriving at the Nile River. In the Akobo Desert, Salva ripped his toenail off and it seemed like the young boy would 've died at the barren wasteland. All of the sudden, Uncle Jewiir was by Salva’s side. For the rest of the trip he used his leadership skills to encourage Salva to take “one step at a time” and eventually, the group. The group also respected Jewiir as well for being an amazing leader. When Uncle Jewiir died, the group decided to bury him out of respect. Take note that five other people died before him, yet they didn’t even get buried at all. The main reason why Salva became such a great leader was because of Uncle Jewiir’s

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