Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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During times of war, people on the front the line look to one person. One person they put their lives in, a person to give an inspirational speech when their down. That one person is known as a leader. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the stranded boys know that they need a leader; someone to make the decision to help them get rescued. Before that, a leader is someone that isn’t a boss. A boss orders you around and doesn’t help. A leader is someone that is in the trenches with you, someone smart enough to figure out the next five steps, someone that doesn’t always seem to be the perfect leader. Leaders look out for the group and not for himself. During high school football, the seniors are the leaders because they have been around the longest; but that doesn’t make them good leaders. The good leaders know their rolls on the team whether that’s as a starter or someone that comes of the bench when they need him. They accept it and do it the best they can because they understand that if they are going to achieve great things, this is what they are going to have to do.…show more content…
He is a good leader, but can’t get the others to listen to him all the time. Then there is Jack, he seemed promising as a leader but he goes insane after he can’t kill the hog in front of everyone and lets it go. He becomes a “savage” to the rest of the boys. Not getting dressed anymore, covering his face in clay, and spending his time in the jungle hunting for a hog to kill and bring back to the camp. Then there is Piggy, he seems to have the best qualities to be the leader of the group. He was the smartest out of all them and he is always looking out for the littlans. Even though he is underappreciated by the bigguns, the littlans look up to him. With Piggy in charge, they will have the best chance to get off the
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