Leadership In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Leadership takes notice, responsibility, self-development, and experience. Thoughts pop up when one thinks of a leader, perhaps a captain of a team, the president, maybe even the bigger brother. These people are mostly responsible and developed, they take notice into what is happening in any situation but the experience is where a leader and a follower have things in common in most situations. Lord of the Flies is a book where children are trapped on a deserted island and have to create their own small world. Jack is one of the chosen leaders in the book, he came with most of the children from the plane crash. They soon meet Ralph who is another chosen leader throughout the book. So called “leaders” in the book are very important characters because…show more content…
Ralph and Jack are very different leaders in many different ways regarding themselves as people and as leaders on the island. Both leaders display very different versions of a human act in this book. Ralph is a person who acts more with ego, which is the most controlled part of human actions like being more civilized and organized with decisions regarding the island. He does this by assigning different roles to the littluns like the ones that are responsible for shelter, the hunters, and fire keepers. Jack, on the other hand, acts more with the ID, the animal part if a human, with his decisions as a leader. Jack favors food over the shelter, which is the total opposite of Ralph, in fact, that is what he promises his people when the split of the two “tribes”. He told all the littluns that he promises feasts of meat every night and a lot of fun. In chapter five of Lord of the Flies gives a great idea of how Ralph is like as a leader. When he calls the littluns with the conch shell and has to remind the littluns about the rules he says, “‘The rules!’ shouted Ralph. ‘You’re breaking the rules!’” (Golding 108). In this event, Piggy was holding the conch and the others weren’t respecting
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