Leadership In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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The lord of the Flies A leader possesses many different skills in which they must know how to effectively use them, but all leaders weather good or bad must have these three leadership skills: they must be brave, must not be afraid to make decisions that will influence many people, and must be a good public speaker. In “Lord of the flies’ Jack and Ralph are the two main leaders, Jack being the somewhat evil leader, and Ralph the good leader. Them both possess these skills and use them throughout the story. The first leadership skill is bravery. Each person shows bravery differently. For example, in the book jack shows bravery by hunting the pigs so all the kids could have something to eat. He was only focused on hunting and killing the small pink pigs for most of the book. If Jack had not been this way, the kids could have very easily died of starvation waiting for someone to come and get them. Jack also shows is brave side by stepping up to kill the beast that everyone had grown so afraid of. Jack and Ralph set out to plan on…show more content…
Ralph also portrays this skill in the book. Ralph was never Hesitant to step up the plate and figure out how to solve a problem. The boys on the island had begun to worry that they would never be rescued, but with that being said no one tried to come up with a solution for how they would get rescued. They only hoped a ship or an air plane would fly over. Ralph decided that they needed a fire. He said “we must make smoke; and then more smoke” (Golding 163) he came up with a solution to the problem. These three leadership skills are the most important and are the reason the boys eventually got rescued off the island. Jack and Ralph kept the group intact and made it possible for them to be rescued and without the leadership skills they had this probably wouldn’t have happened. This Book shows just how important it is for people to have leadership
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