Concept Of Nurse Leadership In Nursing

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CONCEPT 4 PREPARING NURSE LEADER This concept is taken from module 8:3 entitled Ethics in public health nurse. Preparing nurse leader simply means training leading to skilled behaviour. Nurse who are been trained to become mantle of leading other nurses towards the attainment of professional goal. Leadership is an interpersonal process that should encourage mutual social interaction and should in no way be partial to one party. The leader should have concern and see to the welfare of its subordinate at work. She should be knowledgeable enough to encourage good collaboration and evidence based practice. Subordinate opinion and culture should be given consideration. The leader should be able to interact well…show more content…
He/She must have an aptitude for putting the organisation first before them. Every day should be about what can be done to improve the way the organisation is run and how to motivate team members and subordinates. They are expected to know the most effective methods of making decision within the scope of good governance.
5. They should have a desire to ensure the environment promotes a healthy living and an effective working atmosphere. Health and wellbeing of people should be an important outcome of good leadership. An effective leader is supposed to be health conscious as well as acting as good role model to those whom they work with.

CONCEPT 5 CONTROL OF MALARIA This concept is taken from module 6:2 entitled health care progress across the globe. Malaria has become a pandemic health problem in the whole world and it is a major threat to the health of individual affecting all ages and race hence it is a global problem.
This makes malaria control a global issue. Malaria can be control using so many method this method include
Vector control: this is controlling the breed of the vector which is majorly mosquito; this can be done by avoidance of pot holes, bushy area around homes. Chemical control: it can be control chemically through the use of insecticides or treated mosquito
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Typhoon Halima occurred last night at about 11:00pm local time in Central Luzon, with strong winds of up to the speed of 225 kph near its centre and gusts of up to 315kph. The super typhoon is known to be a serious threat as it brings torrential rains alongside damaging winds, triggering flash floods and mudslides in a lot of areas. It is expected that there would be up to a million households within the 150-kilometres of the typhoon’s track.
The Red Cross volunteers and staff in Philippine’s affected areas have started to check the level of the damage done by the typhoon in the affected communities. They were seen serving hot meals and providing palliative measures to people in displaced centres, where tens of thousands of people are now staying after being evacuated to get them out of harm’s way as a pre-emptive
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