Leadership In Remember The Titans

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The movie Remember the Titans provides an excellent study of leadership principles and challenges in the imperfect environment typical [to] real-life leadership scenarios. Coach Boone is a great example of a leader. [Despite difficult school and community politics,] Boone [is able to create] good relationships between players, regardless of race. His vision for the team involves getting the players concerned in what the team needs to become. Coach Boone realizes [that in order to succeed], everyone [on the team] has to believe in and commit to a common purpose.

Boone and [his assistant coach] Yoast provide a good example of the difference between leaders and managers. The two coaches don 't see eye-to-eye on the best way to manage the team. Boone is a charismatic leader with a brutal, military-style approach to coaching. He believes in breaking the players down and then re-building them as a team. Yoast is more laid-back and conservative and feels Boone is pushing the players too hard. This difference in coaching styles leads to several confrontations between the two coaches and between the players. The clash between Boone and Yoast represents what can happen
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Each player on the team learns to have respect and loyalty for one another. They each become leaders on the football field and at school. Even assistant Coach Yoast comes around and starts to respect Boone 's management and leadership skills. The players and the assistant coach are learning you don 't sit and fight about something, you fix it. Coach Boone creates relationships with the players, which is crucial in management. The players finally see that Coach Boone has credibility, now players are motivated to work harder because he is so motivated towards the team. With everyone respecting each other, a clear vision of the goal and team work they are able to accomplish
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