Leadership In Saving Private Ryan

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Leaders are ever-present in our world today and have a big impact in many people’s lives. American author John Maxwell gives us his view on leaders “Leaders become great, not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others” (Inspirational). There are many ways that people see leaders. Great leaders influence people in many types of ways. There are many movies that show great leaders, specifically, Tom Hanks in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. His ability to make the tough decisions, the ability to lead his men into combat, and the ability to fulfill his mission is what makes Tom Hanks as Captain Miller in “Saving Private Ryan” a good leader.
The ability to make tough decisions are characteristics that separates a leader
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Leaders, especially in war, must have the courage to take the first step into battle. You can’t be a good leader and tell another person to take the first step before you do. A good leader must prove themselves to the people they command; if you don’t prove yourself you won’t be trusted nor, will you be respected by the people that you’re supposed to lead. Captain Miller proves himself as a good leader throughout this movie. Throughout the movie you see Captain Miller in the frontlines with the other men, whether it’s storming the beach or sneaking through enemy territory, he isn’t sitting in the back-lines commanding men he is instead there leading by example. There is nothing that people fear more in war than the possibility of dying; a strong leader and a clear purpose are key differences. Soldiers also fear taking a life of another human being. “I just know that every man I kill the farther away from home I feel” (Captain Miller). Miller is willing to show the other soldiers what they must do to survive in war. His leadership gives his men the courage to follow him straight into danger. His men knew that in times of chaos, they could look to him and trust him to find a
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