Leadership In Total Quality Management

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The role of leadership in implementation of total quality management in health care organization in yemen Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background of the study The progress of societies and the development of the organizations mainly depends on leadership that sets vision , plans and policies to move forward achieving its objectives , specially in current technological evolution and revolution of knowledge and communication , in addition to the rapid changes and developments in all areas that have contributed to raising the awareness of consumer cultures which lead to choose a standard of quality so Healthcare organizations recognize the crucial need of providing quality services moreover leadership is vital for effective implementation…show more content…
1.4 Research Objectives : - Identification the level of the role of leadership in Implementation of TQM . - Determine the level of implementation of TQM . - Identify the Relationship between leadership and TQM and Level of implementation Of TQM . - Determine the Impact of leadership dimensions in TQM implementation . - Detect whether there are statically significant differences in the responses of employees on the level of leadership role in implementation of TQM and the affect of social demographic variables ( gender , age , qualification , nature of work and duration of services ). Significance of research : The research will gain importance of goals achieved , as TQM considered as one of the most important tool in measuring the effectiveness of health care organizations . determine the strength and weaknesses in the hospital and provision of appropriate suggestions and recommendations that may help leadership to take decisions that contribute to improvement and development of hospital performance . Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1

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