Leadership In Willy Loman's Death Of A Salesman

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"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire,” (Brainy). When people are passionate about something it spreads like a wildfire. Leaders have a unique ability to captivate their followers and persuade them to follow their dreams. When a leader sets their mind to something, they are unstoppable. Willy, from A Death of Salesman, Jesse, from Sway, and Mr. Keating, from Dead Poets Society show that passion for a person or issue is the only successful way to lead a group of followers.
Leadership begins with passion and vision. Leaders are not able to leader groups of people if they are not passionate about a change in the world. Whether it be Mr. Keating’s passion for literature or Jessie’s love for Bridget, leaders must find the why behind their cause. Willy Loman could never find the passion which led to his unsuccessful attempts to being a leader. Biff, Willy’s son, explain to his father that he is not leader because he has no passion-- “I am not a leader of men, Willy, and neither are you. You were never anything but a hard-working drummer who landed in the ash can like the rest of them! I’m one-dollar an hour, Willy!” (Miller__). However, Mr. Keating and
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In Death of a Salesman, "In Death of a Salesman Miller gives us various versions of the urban business-success dream. Dave Singleton and Charley represent its ideal form,” (Eisigner). Biff is not interested in the business world so it is difficult for Willy to inspire him in this aspect of his life. However, Jessie gets people what they want. Jessie believes that, “real power is the ability to get the inmates what they want – things they aren’t supposed to have – which happens to be a particular talent of mine,” (Spears__). Jessie gets people what they want so his classmates easily follow him. Willy Loman does not have vision that is plausible to his follower while Jessie does which leads to Jessi success and Willy’s

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