Leadership Versus Leadership

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Management is about: Order & consistency, protecting the existing structure, systems, traditions and the status quo, the belief that past success gives insight into the way forward and relying on accumulated facts. Vs. Leadership, which is about: creating change, vision, direction, organisation, values and destruction of the way we have always done it.

A managerial culture emphasizes rationality and control; weather the manager’s energies are directed towards goals, resources, and structure or people a manager is a problem solver. From this perspective, leadership is simply a practical effort to direct affairs and to fulfill the task. Another concept of leadership attaches almost mystical beliefs to what a leader is and assumes that
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An orgainisation is based on the management’s philosophy, values, vision and goals. Theses objectives drive the orgainisation, the culture of the orgainisation has an impact on the type of leadership, communication and departmental dynamics. Staff should be aware of this and use it to base their work ethics and motivation on. The outcome should then be job satisfaction nad growth for the individual team members as well as the team as a whole. A leader needs to adapt to situations and use techniques that are inclusive in order to avoid conflict and aids decision-making. Building relationships, considering others feelings and celebrating their successes with them can maintain strong leadership. By encouraging my team to participate in the decision making process I empower them, which inspires job satisfaction this reduces conflict, poor time keeping and absenteeism. I need to be able to help my staff team understand the need for change and I do this by being clear about my aims and objectives, the actions required and the part they need to play. Sometimes I need to take control especially where health and safety is concerned, these policies and procedures me adhered to at all times. In England, over the past years, the integration of health and social care services has been high on the agenda, this has resulted in a range of different approaches such…show more content…
It is essential that I understand them fully and manage the changes for my team essential easing the transition so I doesn’t impact on the young people I we care for. As a manager I need to be able to accept the change and see it as an opportunity to learn and develop alongside my staff team.
The reason for the changes with health and social care provision is multi agency driven and some are difficult to achieve. These reasons range from financial factors, social awareness, clinical development and operational and environmental policies. These changes should be evidence based as this will enable a smoother transition, promote the benefits and minimize negativity.

There are many factors that can influence health and social care over a person’s lifetime, these factors need to be understood, integration of services can benefit, it enables clearer planning and delivery of services all professionals involved in the care of a looked after child must be encouraged to work together to ensure
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