Transformational Leadership In Emergency Department

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I am an Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) working in Emergency Department at a district hospital located in rural East of Malaysia. I’ve been working for 8 years. In emergency department, we work in a team that comprise of various disciplines such as Emergency Physicians, Nurses, Assistant Medical Officers and others. In this essay I will define and analyze about leadership in my practice area. A leader profile from my practice area will be described using transformational theory. Leadership is a process of interactions between leader and other staff, where a leader is as a guidance that inspires other staff with vision (Marquis & Houston, 2012). A well known type of leadership theory are transformational leadership which were said has a positive…show more content…
This theoretical study is to maximize the effectiveness of organisations through leadership among leader and other staff. The character of a leader in the healthcare plays a very important role in ensuring the organization’s objectives well achieved. We have a few mixed races people with a variety kind of ethnics in my country. We celebrate various festivals every year. When it comes to festive season some of the staff in the department have to apply leave for the celebration. Somehow emergency department are 24 hours services. In the context of a transformational leadership framework, the role of Mr. A as a leader is to promote teamwork among staff. My leader has to be a dictator in managing his staff during festive season because he could not release many staff for a leave otherwise it will interrupt the services due to staff…show more content…
In response to the leader’s effort in acknowledging and overcoming his/her staff problems, the staff will feel more motivated thus work harder to accomplish the goals and tasks given by their superior. Other than personal meetings with each staff, holding a general meeting monthly or annually with all staff to discuss and share ideas, work-strategies and any decision-making is also important in maintaining a good teamwork in an organisation. General meetings are a common practice in every organization, including our workplace because this is where new ideas being brought up and discussed among us to enhance the job acknowledgement and the quality of our service as an emergency medical

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