Leadership Motive Profile (LMP)

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Leadership is the process of which a leader carries out an action of leading through the act of influencing, commanding and guiding the members of the group or an organization. Initially, there was a misleading assumption that leadership is something someone is born with, an ability that comes naturally to an individual. However, we quickly learn that this is a misconception because leadership skills can be learnt or developed in time. In this class, we have learnt the definition of leadership through the involvement of the processes in leadership, stark comparisons between leaders and a boss, differences between leadership and management and leadership’s key elements.

From Chapter 2, we know that Leadership Motive Profile (LMP) is a set
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The instructions were to form a group of six people and within the 24 hours timeline, create and code an Android application and then present the application to a panel of judges for evaluation. The group was hesitant at first because we consist of a mix of students from Bachelor's in Computer Science (BCS) and Bachelor's in Information Technology (BIT). The experience level of the group in the application development was good since one of the members, Sarah, was a second timer (having joined such a workshop before) while the rest of the members had experience in coding Android mobile applications. But in the first few minutes, the group lacked direction until Sarah stepped up to fill the leadership role. She delegated our roles in the team based on our skills and ability. It brought a sense of focus to the group since we were ready to do anything to get started, the group performed well under Sarah’s leadership. As a member of the group, we found that Sarah was a good leader as the group started working harmoniously because she was supportive of the members in terms of engaging in supportive and encouraging behaviour where she accepted our suggestions and conversed well with the members of the group. The group eventually came up with a functional mobile takeout ordering system that the group had successfully demonstrated to the
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