Leadership Observation Paper

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In the event that, I record observations of my first leader for one family I provide care for, I have determined that she is in most definitely task oriented. To demonstrate, she prioritizes her daily schedule by following her everyday tasks. First, she has us wake up the kids the same time everyday for school followed by breakfast. Second she preps their lunches for school along with making a weekly grocery list. Then, takes the kids to school and heads to work. As soon as, the kids get home from school she gets them snacks and directs me to assist them in homework. In that time, I take over watching the kids and take care of feeding them dinner, playing games, doing outside activities, as well as helping them take their showers and get ready for bed. Finally, after she gets home from the gym, she prepares her kids…show more content…
Hence, the main focus is on the kids, therefore keeping them on a schedule keeps the days organized. For the most part, she also connects with me on the days she is out of town so we can determine how that week will be scheduled out. Correspondingly, she lack greatly of having any relationship leadership skills. Not to mention, I have been providing care for this family for almost six years. Henceforth, my supervision for her leadership skills, has been undergoing for some time now. Unfortunately, with the task behavior she acquires, she could absolutely improve her skills as a leader for her kids. Under those circumstances, consistency in punishment is definitely lacking. Thus, results in many insubordinate behavior from the kids. All things considered, there is always room for improvement for everyone. In the long run, I can continue to learn from this, and keep progressing in understanding the benefit of pursuing the behaviors of task and relationship leadership. In brief, advancing my knowledge in leadership is one of the keys to
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