Leadership: Personal Leadership Vison

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There are many versions in respect to leadership, and it is often thought that leadership is influencing the followers towards a common shared purpose (Daft,2015, p5). Through class, I have a deep understanding of concepts, models and theory about leadership. The statement of this paper is to explore personal leadership vison and identify two key learnings from class which arise from research perspective on leadership and the personal side of leadership. Personal experience related to leadership is also discussed in this paper before giving a conclusion. Personal Leadership Vison Jim Collins once quoted a very beautiful definition of leadership from Dwight Eisenhower whom referred leadership as “the art of getting people to want to do what…show more content…
Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have proved that different ways of leadership and personality could led the same company successfully (Daft,2015, p65). According to the theory, the leader should implement leadership styles based on what skills and abilities the followers have. Hersey and Blanchard theory demonstrates four basic behaviors to adapt to the followers which include Telling, Selling, Participating and Delegating (Daft,2015, p65). The good leader should have the ability to identify follower’s readiness and select the appropriate…show more content…
According to the theory, the style of leadership I'm good at is suitable for followers with high readiness but lack confidence which long for encouragement and personal support (Daft,2015, p70). Dr. Petrock argues that most companies today focus on employees’ low productivity while the above all leadership problem is managers’ inadequate leadership skills (Hays, 1999, para4). This course shapes my theoretical knowledge and If I ever come across a similar situation, I will inspire members towards the broader vison instead of focusing on just the individuals. Leadership is a process of activities and relationships that people engage rather than a noun (Lambert, 1998, p18). I will explore leadership skills through textbook and leadership course to lay foundation firstly as a competent and hard-working person gets the approval and followers always follow those they respect (Parent, 2015.para8). Secondly, I will evaluate every team member and use multiple styles due to the diversity of members. I will provide personal support and supervision on low readiness followers and provides detailed objectives and instructions (Daft, 2015, p69). I will encourage high readiness contingency participants to inspire better performance (Daft, 2015, p70). Certainly, Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory focus on the characteristics of followers, which may be useful for a
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