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Growing up, my family has instilled a value of helping others in me. My family has always gone out of their way to help and support others. There were countless times when I saw my parents come home from a long day at work, and yet if they knew that one of the neighbors was sick or lonely, they would put together a meal for them. Seeing my parents selflessly sacrifice their scarce leisure time for the sake of those who are in need has taught me to value the trust that others are putting in me when they are asking me for help.
I grew up in a Catholic family where religion and faith is essential. As a result, growing up, I participated in numerous church-related events and I have come to know the activities rather well. Now, as one of the more experienced individuals of my youth group, I am very excited to lead and plan the community church events as a Core Team Leader. My duties include planning service events (such as bringing hot food to the ill and underprivileged members of the community), organizing fundraisers, charity, and awareness events, and making sure that all community groups are involved in church events. In order to succeed as the Core Team Leader, I rely heavily on my
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However, such an intense schedule has taught me valuable time management skills that surely will be helpful to me in college. For example, I am one of the 20 students in my High School (out of roughly 600 total) who takes AP Science courses – I took AP Biology two years ago in my sophomore year and am taking AP Chemistry this year. Studying for AP Chemistry, along with learning material for my other classes, excelling as a Captain of my High School Varsity Tennis team, and fully committing myself to the Core Team, has challenged me to work more rapidly and efficiently while still maintaining a high level of

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