Leadership Philosophy In Education

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Leadership is an innovative process that aligns professionals with a goal, objective or vision statement. Leadership is defined as emerging and supporting a vision for instructing by learning and communicating a visional statement effectively. Leadership exemplifies the art of leading others to deliberately create a result. In leadership, leaders display themselves as a guiding tool for others in this case for teachers. In leadership, it is important that leaders coordinate the effective management of resources, namely time, material and people, to ensure that they are conveying an effective teaching and learning environment. Some characteristics of a great leader may include social awareness, which is the ability to understand the social in a certain environment, for example, those who are most effective in the organization and self-direction, meaning a leader is able to direct themselves effectively and powerfully.…show more content…
When giving an leadership philosophy, it is important that one implement these given characteristics into their life. While illustrating this manner, a leader must also act as a motivator and disciplinarian, especially when leading teachers. In conclusion, leadership is the ability to retain the confidence of others. By doing so, a leader would be able to follow their own willingness to take their suggestions on the matter of any given situation. Through its contrasting definitions and beliefs, a leadership philosophy will always illustrate a worldview of leadership, include leadership practices, build on leadership relationships, and include a diversity as to how you would assort your leadership skills and most importantly, an assessment of an effective
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