Personal Essay: My Personal Leadership Philosophy

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My Personal Leadership Philosophy Having an idea is something which could be done by many, but ability to proceed the idea into real action is a caracteristic of a person with a leadership. Leadership is also about being able to take risks, creating a confidence and trust, ability to inspire and stay inspired. Leaders differ with their approach. My approach as a leader goes through being able to listen, staying honest in my response, being committed to my goals, bringing creative solutions to the problems, keeping my word, having a positive approach towards everything I do, and staying calm and condfident even in a very stressful situations. The qualities I lack as a leader is the ability to delegate the responsibilities and keeping my temper…show more content…
When stress is high, resources limited, results not satisfying it is easy to give up, but only very strong leaders keep reminding themselves who they believe they are and keep on striving for their goal, while trying to improve their limited characteristics and abilities. Some may think that if you are a leader you don’t have a right for a mistake or a failure, but not me. As a leader I am lacking the ability to delegate the task and/or responsibility to others. I would like to mention that this is not a one-time failure, I come face-to-face with this challenge repeatedly. It is an important factor in leadership which is the sign of strength, but whenever I passed on the work to others for the most of the time I have been disappointed. May be I could not communicate the message well enough. Having the vision and idea in mind is one thing, the ability to clearly and sufficiently describe what you want done is different and extremely important. Or maybe I failed to identify the right person for the right task. While working in a team or in my personal life in the family I usually fail to delegate the job to others and I end up working on my own which in some cases could result in inability to control my temper in under work load. Showing off aggression you can keep the others from being honest with you to not create the same situation again. This may in its turn damage the aspects of the relationship within the team such as relaxed communication, honesty and
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