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Leadership Portfolio (MATRIX) UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs February 26, 2018 Alejandra Cardenas The development of leadership skills is indispensable to my profession, as I will face numerous challenges when serving people in need at a micro, mezzo and macro level. Through different experiences in my life, I have learned and demonstrated various leadership skills that have helped me serve my clients efficiently. The following leadership skills will continue to help me accomplish my goals as a clinician. Teamwork and collaboration, I am able to work effectively with others and maintain a professional relationship with my coworkers and clients. In my current work, I demonstrated this skill as I work collaboratively…show more content…
At my current work, I am passionate about helping and making a difference in my client’s life. I’m passionate about making that connection and rapport with my clients. In the future, I will utilize this skill at all levels of social work as a motivation to do my best job to serve and help people in need and to provide the guidance and reassurance individuals need to land on their feet and get their lives back on track. I consider integrity is one of my most important leadership skills as a social worker. This leadership skill applies to me because I respect my client’s confidentiality, and I am honest with them in regard to their treatment goals, expectations, and my competencies. Currently, this skill has allowed me to gained my client s’ and supervisor trust. In the future, I will be able to apply this skill at all levels (micro, mezzo and macro) enabling the process of accurately implementing and following the NSAW Code of…show more content…
I demonstrated this leadership skill by being aware of my own biases, assumptions, privilege, stereotypes, disadvantages, and beliefs that I hold. At my current work, I use this skill at a micro level during therapy sessions to develop a plan to assist my clients effectively. Self-awareness also helps me identify transference and counter-transference to prevent these feelings to have a negative or harmful impact on my clients. This skill also helps me to be aware of my strengths and weakness as an intern clinician. Self-awareness leadership skill with helps me at a micro level to work with my clients effectively and at a macro level to be aware of my competences and opportunity to grow as a

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