Leadership Qualities In The Hobbit

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“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be” (Carter). Leadership is a very important quality or characteristic to have. Being a leader shows people that you have courage, honesty, and know how to manage. Leadership is giving people the confidence they need. Like creating a picture for them and helping them reach their goal. To be a leader you need to think of others first, before you think of yourself. Being able to step up and making people reach their potential is leadership. Leadership is giving others the motivation to reach their goals and be successful and stepping up and inspiring people to do their best. It is having a vision of the future and making it into reality. In The Hobbit,…show more content…
Everyone in general should always be honest. If people around you know you are honest, they will trust you much more. If you are honest you are letting people know you are people know that you open to listen to what they have to say. According to Ronald E. Riggio “Bring a positive role model also being an ethical and responsible leader- doing the right thing and having a good character” (Riggio). For example if company of workers know their boss is a honest person, it will help the employees grow into better people. Which will make a better company.If there is every a problem the worker should go to their boss, then the boss will make the best decision. The better people work together, the better things will be. To conclude, leadership is a very powerful tool to have. It means to have the knowledge to manage and organize things and to know what to do next. Leadership is having the courage to step up in difficult situations, and figuring out what the best option is. Also being honest plays a big role of being a leader. You need to always be honest and speak truthfully. We need to have leaders, because where would be without
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