Leadership Qualities Of Abraham Lincoln

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Leadership Qualities of President Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln is an example of an excellent leader of our country. He possess many leadership qualities such as honesty, courage, compassion, and loyalty. These leadership qualities are important for every president to have so that they can be successful leaders. A Leader should be honest because, if they’re honest with people, people will be more likely to trust them to make the decisions that are right for our country. A leader needs to be courageous because they need to make difficult decisions and they need the courage to do this even when it may upset people. It is important for a leader to be compassionate so they take into consideration the needs of all of the people. Being loyal to one’s country
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He even earned the nickname of Honest Abe, giving him the reputation of a trustworthy person. This reputation is a big part of the reason why he got elected. The people trusted him to be honest with them and to make good decisions. To be honest is to always tell the truth and to be a trustworthy person. This is an extremely important quality for a president to have because, in order to have the approval of the citizens, a president must first gain their trust and respect. Being known as honest really helped Lincoln gain the approval of many people of the North and even some of the South. Lincoln earned the nickname Honest Abe well before he even became president. He was called this when he worked as a lawyer, years before his presidency. He kept this promise of honesty throughout the entire time he was president. Abraham showed the leadership quality of courage throughout his entire presidency. Courage is the strength and ability to do something that is frightening. It is working through pain, suffering, and grief. President Lincoln showed this by standing up against slavery. Tons of people wanted to end slavery, but not many people had the courage to act on these feelings against slavery. It was incredibly brave of Lincoln to do this. Another thing that took courage was leading the United States into the Civil War. He didn’t want this to happen, and he didn’t want our country to have to fight each other. But he knew that if he…show more content…
Compassion is concern and sympathy for the misfortune of others. It is caring for other people. A president must have this quality because it makes sure the president makes his decisions based on the well-being of all of the citizens. President Lincoln was one of the most compassionate people in history, because he thought of everyone, even the slaves. No matter how many people disagreed with him, he wanted the best for everyone. He actively fought for the rights of all people, especially the lives of the slaves who were not thought important by most people. Because of Lincoln’s compassion, he helped to make a huge difference in the lives of all slaves. Lincoln made a change in the lives of so many people. He did this every year of his presidency. He wanted to help these people and that is why he became such a great leader. His quality of compassion is what helped him to do everything that he did while he was
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