Steve Jobs As A Role Model

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John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” An organization functions effectively and efficiently only when the efforts of all the workmen in it come together. This requires a leader. A leader is the one who pushes the employees boundaries to bring out the best in them, which is basically boosting up the company altogether. Not only does he look for benefits of the company, but also maintains a strong bond with them formally as well as informally. Being a leader would mean being a role model for your employees, which intends a leader should be there with the team through their downs and show his hard work , dedication and commitment to set as a great…show more content…
He did this maintaining good relationships with his associates and providing them with rightful incentives and acknowledging their wishes. Morals were an important part of his work ethic. “When Apple went public in 1980 it was largest IPO since Ford in 1956. The original offering price was $14 a share but it ended the first day at $29, making more than 40 of Apple’s 1,000 employees instant millionaires and Jobs personally worth over $200 million.”(Fast company) As quoted by rick tetzeli, “We have many anecdotes of Steve defying the common stereotype. One from his personal life is the fact that Steve, after he got sick, helped several Apple employees and friends when they or their loved ones developed cancer. He'd make up spreadsheets of the kinds of care available, he'd talk about the doctors who did the treatment, he'd talk about cost.”(Fast company) This indicates another trait of leadership; caring about employees by subjecting them to incentives and motivating them to bring out the best in them. Everyone would agree on the fact that Steve Jobs was exceptional at what he did. apart from motivating his employees he had the ability to think critically and innovatively; this being another attribute of leadership, it helped Apple progress tremendously. one of the milestones achieved by Jobs for apple was the introduction of Macintosh home
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