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Introduction Leaders have important roles and great responsibilities in workplaces. Leaders should have goals that help them determine what and why people and purposes are important to them. Leaders should have a good sense of qualities, motives, understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, how to develop others, and how to prevent job stress. These are all important in any leadership style. Leaders have a hunger to make a difference in workplaces, but most importantly in other people (Bethel University, 2017). Qualities The qualities that only a real leader can do is aspiration and enablement. These qualities are important only for the leader, because the leader has a responsibility of making a difference. Leaders wants people to have…show more content…
According to Sikora, (2011) leaders should want to always improve his or her skills in learning and building to help in more situations. There is not a one tool for all circumstances, leaders should want to build his or her knowledge, skills, and motives to help others, as well as to help he or she to grow. A leader should find all three motives to be important, however building relations with people should be key important. Achievement and affiliation should be the two focus points. Power is of key importance; however, one may become overly powered and may have a hard time building trust, building relationships with the employees, or one may find it to be intimidating for one person to have so much power and not be a team player (Sikora,…show more content…
There are people that have the potential to grow and become successful, however they may need a little help or nudge to get them going. Shaman healer finds techniques that will work to get the potential of people involved. As a supervisor at one time, I used training, motivation, gave examples, and encouragement to get people involved. I wanted to make sure the employees knew how to do the job, understand what they were doing, and the reason for it. I did not want them just to do the job I wanted them to know the importance of what and why they needed to do it. I wanted them to be able to ask questions and help others who were struggling. I wanted the employees to grow with self-esteem, find their potential, be involved, and take risks. I wanted them to realize they were important to the organization and encouraged them to always be better than the day before, because there is always going to be someone, somewhere ready to knock them down (Bethel University,

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