Essay On Role Of Parents In Education

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III. Literature review

Role of leadership

There are ample of studies resulted that parental involvement is a positive factor for student success in school. In the research by Grolnick, Friendly, and Bellas (2009), the result showed that the families could have a strong influence on student’s educational outcome in school, such as a positive enthusiasm and well development. Thus, the role of parents is an essential part in their children’s education. When the parents show their support in their children education, the children will realize the importance of learning in school. However, who is the connector between school and parents? Epstein and Jansorn (2004) said that the school principal who always keeps a close relationship with parents, then the school would run effectively. Consequently, role of the leadership is the role of the school leader. Who is the school leader? Definitely, school leader is the head of school, also defined as principal.

According to Dessoff (2009), parents can get the clear guidelines from school principals in helping their children at home such as doing homework or project. Role of school principal is to create and share the goal of educational with parents to develop a sense of ownership of teaching and learning among the parents. As Goldring and
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The close relationship between school and parents will increase the child’s education if the parents are willing to work together with school (Bauch & Goldring, 2000; Griffith, 1998). Therefore, family background is a significant effect on a child’s education to get success or not. However, there are few studies to investigate the relationship between school and parents in international school Malaysia, mostly are public schools. The issue of international schools in Malaysia is an interesting topic for researchers to find out the how supportive of parents in their child’s
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