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CASE STUDY – II TESCO:-  INTRODUCTION :- Tesco is a customer-oriented business. It aims to offer products that provide value of money for its customers and to deliver high-quality service. Tesco wants to attract new customers, but it also wants to keep its existing customers happy. Building customer loyalty is a cost-effective strategy to grow the business. This is because satisfied customers are good advert for the business. Tesco has more than 30% market share of the UK grocery market, nearly double that of its nearest rival. To maintain its number one spot in the market, the company needs skilled staff at all levels and in all roles.  ROLE IN TESCO :- Roles in Tesco range from business development, supply chain management and marketing…show more content…
Each decision comes with its responsibilities and timescales. These influence the most appropriate leadership style for a particular piece of work. Tesco managers have responsibilities for ‘Front of house i.e. front office’ staff as well as ‘Behind the scenes i.e. back office’ staff. Before making any decisions the manager will consider the task in hand, the people involved and those who will be affected. Various internal and external factors may also be affected due to the type of leadership style. Internal factors include many levels of skill that employees have and large teams have members with varying levels of skills. This may require the manager to adopt more directive skills, providing communications with the employees so as to achieve the goals and objectives. On the other hand the team leader may also take a consultative approach with other managers of equal standing in order to get their co-operation for a particular project. External factors may arise while dealing with the…show more content…
Construction Companies CEO directed the top management to maintain a level to handle change and to foster growth, which in turn led the organization to think about consolidating its leadership capabilities.  CHALLENGE :- It is essential that Construction Company develop its talent and build on its leadership potential to fight back business challenges more effectively. The company culture has strong emphasis on the individual; however, to become more flexible as an organisation, it needs to develop a more collaborative culture with strong leaders.  ACTION :- Mercer was engaged to develop and define the construction company’s leadership capabilities. After meeting his clients, Mercer decided on a phased approach starting with refining the existing leadership performance framework. The coming cycles involved the design and administration of development centres, 360-degree assessment based on a leadership style framework and this strategy was further supported by a series of leadership development workshops. • PHASE 1:- UNDERSTANDING AND REVIEWING THE LEADERSHIP COMPETENCY

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