Leadership Roles In Leadership

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In any type of leadership, a person’s role can change at any time and any suggestions to make the the program successful which can be done in a variety of ways. I feel that any type of training for coaches in leadership will help them with structure, organization, and the principles of their program. I feel that the leadership that is led by the coach is generally goes down to the captain of the team. As being a captain of an athletic team in the past has a responsibility for what can happen on and off the field along with implementing the day of competition. Once you are looking at a team of leadership you go directly to the coaches and the captain of the team because of the expectations on and off the field. I feel that…show more content…
I have seen teams lose their focus later in the season with a less enthusiastic attitude towards training but just giving their teams a reason to lose their eye of the goals they set for the season. I always try be a good role model for my team by leading by example because the team will feed off my enthusiasm and positive attitude which gives you an opportunity to achieve your goals. Being in a leadership role as a head track and field coach it’s important that you be aware of everything that may come up. I have evaluated different scenarios in my mind that I want to think about because they are influence by external factors. I feel that awareness comes through time of building relationships with your teammates, peers, and coaches. As a leader in athletics it’s important to understand how to respond to various types of styles and tones. From a coaching perspective when dealing with defeat you want to be careful how to respond verbally in a positive manner where people won’t judge you in a negative manner but it can work on an individual basis also. With my years of experience in coaching, I have learned that some athletes have…show more content…
I think people who have a career in athletic is very passionate about this particular sport. I think you can feel the same way according to their emotions from victory and experiences disappointment in defeat. I fell that leaders have to embody the positive sides of their emotions of commitment, dedication, and passion to drive their team towards their goals. I don’t think not only the passion towards victory but you should be able to display as a leader. In order to show passion for your teammates and your sport from a different perspective is both ways you can show your passion. I think it’s more than fist pumping and over- exuberant celebrations; passion can be about showing the compassion for your teammates or respecting the opposition. I think you can show your passion in many different ways. I feel that enthusiasm is an important characteristic for a leader and the one that can be displayed in different ways. I think it’s important to be an enthusiastic by offering encouragement to your athletes that’s involved in the program when they are feeling down and out. As a coach in a leadership role it’s important that stretching out
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