The Importance Of Leadership Skills In Project Management

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Leadership is a procedure which a man affect others to achieve a goal or objective and directs the organisation in a way that makes it more consistent and intelligible (Farrukh Ahmed, 2008). It can also defined as the process that occur by persuading others to obtain goals in a team. The leaders carry out this process by applying their own leadership knowledge and skills. While the skills and knowledge of leadership proceed by the leader can be influenced by his or her attitude, such as ethics, beliefs, behaviours and character (Barmayehvar and Parvar, n.d.). Leadership concerned with initiating changes which also provide direction and motivation to others and keeping the task on pathway (Hernon, 2009). Besides that, leadership is to create…show more content…
The basic skills for project manager is communication due to he or she must able to listen, understand and give right and clear order. A project manager who well in communicating make it easier to interact with stakeholder, director and worker. In addition, if any problem occur on project the project manager can solved it easily and quickly.
• Problem solving and decision making. For project manager it is necessary to have problem solving skill, know how to differentiate the source of problem, identify the solution and make the decision (Odusami, 2002).
• Team Building. As a project manager or leader, he or she must engage in team building skills as necessary for achieve the objective of project. Every decision made by the project manager should let the subordinates know and sharing the knowledge between the team (Raiden, Dainty and Neale, 2004).
• Conflict Resolution. In construction project, the major problem that faced by the project manager is conflict. The project manager need to resolve conflicts to keep the project keep on task and run smoothly (Yiu and Cheung,
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The leadership competencies including communication, planning and interpersonal skills can strongly contribute to project success. The poor leadership of project manager will bring negative effect on the initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing phase of construction projects. In addition, the leadership of a project manager can significant affect the team spirit and consequently contribute to success project. Increase the level of leadership of project managers can improve the relationship of project team members and thus the project ran more smoothly (Yang, Huang and Wu, 2011).
To achieve the success of project, the project managers need to familiarise different leadership competencies in different situation and type of project. In the project planning phase, the project manager need to lead the team and stakeholder through tweaked venture project in order to understand the need of the project. The project manager also play an important role in change management. A project manager with good leadership able to handle the change of the project and solve it effectively (Radhika, 2012). In the nutshell, a leadership project manager able to lead the project into the successful
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