Leadership Style Analysis: Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer

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Akbar AL Baker Qatar Airways ' Chief Executive Officer 1. What leadership styles account for their success? There are various leadership styles. Mr. Al Baker uses combination of mainly of two leadership styles: Autocratic and Transactional. In table the difference between four different leadership styles is shown. Even Mr. Al Baker himself admits his style of leadership is Autocratic with some elements of transactional style. Decision-making control is tightly centralized . On the one hand, Mr. Al Baker is the person with the last word in the company. His signature is on all the documents and contracts. His opinion is in first place in terms of business. Even thought there is 17 people on airlines management board, CEO can manipulate the…show more content…
AL Baker has a reputation for open, straightforward/honest opinions and autocratic/cold-blooded approach towards business. Primarily Autocratic leadership style is used with some elements of transactional leadership style. Mr. Al Baker mobilizes people and optimizes resources towards a single vision and a great single goal. It is true to say that Mr. Al Baker autocratic leadership style is an intense form of transactional leadership style. Qatar Airways CEO has a lot of control and influence over Qatar Airways employees. Employees have little or no chance to make proposals or recommendations. Lack of this chance is a negative impact on airline operations and possibilities, because some of the not proposed recommendations from employees could be in airlines best…show more content…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e20hnG-kNxw 4. How does your own style of leadership compare or contrast with this individual? Author compared his current leadership style to the leadership style of Qatar Airways CEO. It was determined that there are some similarities in leadership styles. Authors leadership style is a mix of two styles: democratic and transactional. Author uses open style of working and running a team. The ideas are discussed between team members in an open manner. Author uses democratic style in dynamic and quickly changing airline environment. In airline environment every possible option for improvement has to be considered to meet all deadlines and goals. Author tries to facilitate the conversation, motivate and encourage people share ideas, so that the best possible decision could be determined. http://www.leadership-toolbox.com/democratic-leadership-style.html Author creates structures, where it is clear what is required from subordinates. Respectively subordinates get rewards for following orders. Punishments are not mentioned to subordinates, but it is understood that there is formal system of discipline. Leadership style Decision-making control Source of

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