The Influence Of Leadership

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LEADERSHIP Leader is a part of management and one of the most significant elements of direction. A leader may or may not be manager but a manager must a leader. A manager as a leader must lead his subordinate s and also inspire them to achieve organizational goals. Thus leadership is the driving force which gets the things done by others. Leadership represents an abstract quality in a man. It is a psychological process of influencing followers or subordinates and providing guidance to them. Thus the essence of leadership is follower ship. It is the followers who make a person as leader. An executive has to earn followers. He may get subordinates because he is in authority but he may not get a follower unless he makes the people to follow him…show more content…
Leaders have a vision and influence others by their actions and comments. Leadership is the ability to influence other people (Lansdale)Leadership is the ability of a manager to induce subordinate to work with zeal confidence. The leadership skills are A) skills of personal behaviour :Sensitive to the feeling of the group ,Identifies self with needs of the group ,Does not ridicule or criticize others suggestion and Does not argue. B) skills of communication : Listen attentively , Make sure everyone understands, Establish positive communication with the group , Recognizes that everyone‘s contribution are important C.)Skills of organization : Develop short and long term objectives , Break big problem into small ones , Share responsibilities and opportunities and Plan, act, follow-up and evaluate D.)Skills of self examination : Aware of personal motivation , Aware of group members, Helps group to aware of their attitudes and values , Even new graduate nurses have leadership responsibilities when they begin in…show more content…
DSN, RN; Jones, Landon phd, RN; Fuller, Bryan MBA.The authors explore the relation between leadership style and empowerment and its effect on job satisfaction among the nursing staff of a regional medical center. Several empirical studies on transformational leadership found that transformational leadership behaviors were positively related to work team success and leadership effectiveness. Employee empowerment may be influenced by the perception that the organization cares about its employees' well-being and that their work is valued. Empowering nurses may increase job satisfaction and improve patient care. Leadership style and empowerment influence job satisfaction among workers. All nursing department staff were invited to complete a self-report questionnaire with no identifying information. Leadership style was measured using Bass's Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, empowerment was measured with items from Spreitzer's Psychological Empowerment instrument, and job satisfaction was measured by Warr, Cook, and Wall's job satisfaction questionnaire. Both transformational and transactional leadership were positively related to job satisfaction, as was empowerment. Differences in the contributions of empowerment and leadership style in predicting job satisfaction for licensed and unlicensed workers was
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