Organizational Leadership Style Analysis

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Leader is a very important asset for any organization. There will be a leader as long as there need someone to lead. As mentioned by Robbins and Coulter (2014), the person who has the authority and able to inspire others is the leader. With the present of the leaders in the organization, their followers will be leading by them to help the organization to achieve the organization’s goals. Hence, as a leader, they have to continually work to widen their vision and develop their insight into the universal, social and related issues that surround the organization in order to perform better.
Every leader has their own leading style to lead their followers and the leading style is determined by their behaviours. The actual behaviours exhibit by the
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People are grouped for working together and their demographic background are different. Yukl (2002) claimed that if there are too many diverse members in an organization, they are probably have different value and weak commitment to the organization. This may cause conflicts at the workplace and influence the productivity. Therefore, the leaders have to use their effective leadership style and adaptability to create greater variety of standpoint to increase the chance of full utilize of the members. As a result, leadership effectiveness and adaptability are important.
Empirically, different leadership style affect the organizations differently. In the study of Popa (2012), the researcher found out that some leadership style can lead to a success or failure but there are also leadership style that hinder the development of the organization. However, effective leaders work well with organizational culture and then establish visions that in line with it. Then, the followers only commit to the organization as they are inspired, motivated and encouraged by the leaders. This improved the performance of the
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It is also known as the slowest rate within this seven years. Other than that, Malaysia’s services sector (2014) informed that Malaysia’s services industry is expanding and it is contributing more to the economy compared to other industry in Malaysia. This can consider that services industry is the main sources of the Malaysia’s economy. However, it is not enough to raise the economy effectively in a short period of time. Other industry also play an essential role in contributing country’s economy, especially for manufacture industry as profit can gain when the manufactured goods provided by them exported to the foreign country. Therefore, there are a need to compare both service and manufacture industry to determine the different between them. Because of the performance related by the leadership, thus, it is essential to identify and compare the leadership effectiveness and adaptability in both manufacture and service industry in order to increase the

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