Effective Principal Leadership

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A quality education is a rudimentary obligation in world educational market. The objectives of quality education can only be attained by means of some innovatory changes to make sure healthier planning leadership style, meaningful research and better educational governance. Effective principal’s leadership style is one of the main features that has been observed as essential for institutional success. A talented principal delivers way for the school and lead cohorts towards attaining desired goals.
To achieve all the educational goals a suitable and competent leadership is required. Leadership is encouragement, not authority; personnel who can need other to do their command because of their authority are not leaders, leadership only happens
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Able and qualified principals can be seen in majority of these franchised schools. Majority of Director and owners of such franchised schools are investors and haven’t any educational background, required qualification and experienced. Their preference, at the time of appointment, to hire a person on lowest salary demand rather than experience and qualification. This study aims to help such unexperienced and unqualified director or owner to realize the importance of principal’s role in their institution and also helps professionally untrained principals to recognized the significance of their post and select the best leadership style according to their school’s environment so that they would take part in improving quality of education. This research is specially designed to analyze the effect of leadership style on quality of education. There are large number of franchised secondary schools running by private sector in Pakistan. Besides its levels is capable with global market standard. Does principals’ education and experience equal with its posts. Because quality of school will be measure when its specialist administrator available, in case at private level well educated and experienced principals are not available or functioning under investors who have not educational background, the problem is of vital importance. The print media and expert have been showing their concern…show more content…
National Policy of Education set up positive aims and goals which were to enable educational growth in the country. In encouragement these purposes and objects, the school principal has vital role to play. Among this characters comprise providing operative leadership in franchised secondary schools, thereby improving better quality of education. It is therefore not astonishing that there is pressure mounted on effective leadership among principals of franchised secondary schools in Punjab, Pakistan. The school principal is in an exclusive place as the director or supervisor who controls school’ resources for the purpose of attaining organizational

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