Leadership Style Of Eva Peron

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1. PURPOSE: Because there is no other woman in Latin American history that has attained more power and has had more influence over her people, it is important to examine the leadership style of Eva Peron. 2. BACKGROUND: Born out of wedlock in abject poverty, she was destined to live among the common people; however, in her teen years, Eva vowed not to be a product of her environment. She rose above her wretched lifestyle and became a woman who created her own reality, striving for grandiose living. Peron strategically identified men who could assist in her in her endeavors and infiltrated their circle using her allure and femininity. As a result, she became a radio actress and consequently, the highest paid performer in Buenos Aires despite her mediocre talent. It is no coincidence that she married Colonel Juan Peron, a potential presidential candidate at the time, who eventually made her the First Lady of Argentina a year after their marriage. As a result, Eva Peron worked for Juan Peron’s cause, Peronism, and became the direct line between the Argentinians and her husband. She is remembered as a voice for the descamisados (the poor workers; “shirt less ones”), a figurehead for women’s rights, and an advocate for the unions and the poor. She was known as “Evita” by the people and earned the title of “Spiritual Leader of the Nation” by Argentina’s Congress before her early death at 33 years old in 1952. Although Eva received great criticism for being a woman outside of

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