Leadership Style Of Nelson Mandela

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In the year 1990, Nelson Mandela (Act by Morgan Freeman) is released from prison after staying in jail for 27 years. And four years later , at April , 1994. Mandela is democratically elected by the South Africa people elected as the first black man president. After the electon Mandela is facing challenges in apartheid. He need to think of a new way to shorten the racial divisions between white and black Africans South Africans.

The story begin with Mandela meet the Springbok rugby union team. At that moment not a single black player was in the team before 1995. Although the Springbok is the represent the nation but during the match, the black citizen cheers against the Springbok team.

Mandela meet the caption of Springbok named Francois Pienaar (Act by Mat Damon) and hoping that he can find a way to united the two races by winning the rugby world cup. Mandela share a famous English old poem, named "Invictus" to Pienaar and hoping that this poem , which inspire Mandela when he was in prison, can also inspire Pienaar.

leadership knowledge skills and behaviours and related to theories of leadership relate the about to influence within an organization

Among the life of Nelson Mandela as a president in South Africa he display his leadership in both sides-transformational and transactional. Which the behaviour can be directive or participative, authoritarian or democratic during the expression of the leadership.

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