Examples Of Autocratic Leadership

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Autocratic style of leadership which is also known to many as authoritarian leadership places focus on one individual in charge of a group is run, this individual makes all the necessary decision with little or no input from the other member of the group. An authoritarian leader is very useful especially if this individual in charge of a group that is not enthusiastic or interested in getting the work done, this allows this leader to take control of this group and make the appropriate decisions in getting the work done, this leader work based on his or her judgement and do not give what he or she considers to be important duties to the other member of the group. There are a lot of downsides to an autocratic leadership style due to the fact the autocratic leaders makes al the decisions in the group it can cause the other group members to resent them or to feel inferior to them.…show more content…
“Authoritarian leadership is appropriate in settings with a constant stream of new employees, limited decision-making time or resources, and the need for large-scale coordination with other groups and organizations. Authoritarian leadership is not suited to environments in which members desire to share their opinions and participate in decision-making processes. Critics of authoritarian leadership argue that the leadership style leads to high member dissatisfaction, turn-over, and absenteeism” (Gastil,
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