Leadership Styles In Project Management

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Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is accomplished through the application and integration of the project management process of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing (King, 2014). Nowadays, in order to become a successful project manager and to ensure the project’s success, they should possess attributes such as critical thinking skill, analysing skill as well as problem solving skill. Meredith & Mantel (2012) define certain attributes of effective project managers as well as three specific leadership styles: Intellectual, Managerial, and Emotional. Individuals will not just only possess attributes for one leadership style, but normally a combination of two or more. This is exceedingly important to identify because in today’s corporate world project manager must be flexible in every aspect of their job.

A project success is highly depends on several factors. According to Bryde (2003) Project Management Performance Assessment model consists of leadership,
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Whether it’s in person or via email, with a sub-contractor or stakeholder, effective communication serves as the very bedrock of a project. It can influence public opinion, give the team a sense of purpose, persuade top management to increase funding and boost project success rates. Highly effective communicators are also more likely to deliver projects on time and within budget. In a real case study for AT&T Center of Excellence Project, they highlighted that efficient and effective communication is the key element for the success of the project. Without appropriate communication, the project risked going unrecognized and not being used to its full potential (AT&T PMCOE,
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