Leadership Styles In The Marine Corps

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Being a junior Marine who just got to the fleet about 4 months ago, I’ve really started to realize how big and how diverse leadership can be. When I studied leadership styles while doing Leading Marines, they explain the three main leadership styles that one can be. Authoritarian leaders are clear on their expectations and extremely strict about making sure the mission gets accomplished. They are independent and make decisions without little to no input from anyone else. Then there is the complete opposite, Delegative leaders. Some may say this is the least productive form of leadership. They don’t offer any type of guidance and the group members will be the ones making all the decisions. There is often a lack of motivation in the group and no clear defined role. The last form of leadership is the Participative or Democratic leadership. These types of leaders are usually the most effective because not only do they offer guidance, they also allow and encourage participation from the members. After they have heard all the different inputs and opinions from the…show more content…
In my opinion the authoritarian leaders are usually my least favorite because that type of leadership style isn’t always the most productive. Yes, they do get the mission accomplished but it does not form unit cohesion or team work. The most successful leaders are the ones that know when to be strict and also when to be supportive and open-minded. They give you the ability to grow but they also critique and are directive when it is necessary. Being that the Corps is very diverse, we come across people from all walks of live. We all grew up different, from our race, culture, gender, and nationality. As a leader, we need to know our Marines and understand how to come across the most effective well still maintaining that respect between a junior and senior marine and just as basic respect towards one
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